Novelty Entertainers, Local #307


"Hey, thanks to all of you for making our monthly meeting tonight. I know it hasn't been easy, but this union hall is the one place where novelty … [Read more...]

President Trump


"Good Morning, sir. You have a busy day ahead of you. In ten minutes, you have a call with the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister." "Good. Tell him I want … [Read more...]

Conquering the Big Day Nerves


At long last, the big day has arrived! Weeks, months, and perhaps years of planning have culminated in this moment. As the bride, you’re spending … [Read more...]

Bullying Magazine


"Hi team, thanks for meeting on such short notice. We have some serious issues here at Bullying Magazine, and we need to address them before they … [Read more...]

Millennial Wisdom on LinkedIn


WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS by Kylan Martin-Jones, Founder and Chief Kickass Innovation Officer, Wazzappp Enterprises Hey everyone, … [Read more...]

Thank you, Robin


Thank you for battling the demons of depression to bring Peter Pan to life as a 40 year old lawyer with a bad back. Thank you for ignoring the … [Read more...]

The Honest All-Staff Meeting

"Good morning, everyone. Thanks for taking the time to come to this all-staff meeting. You didn't have a choice in the matter, and are all here … [Read more...]

Charisma 101 for Introverts

Democratic National Convention: Day 2

Most people I've met as an adult have a hard time believing I was once a head-down, mouth-shut introvert. But yes, fellow introverts, I once walked … [Read more...]

Turn Pain into POWER with Humor

Many moons ago, on a hot, muggy, late June night in NYC, I took the stage at the now-defunct Gladys' comedy club on 45th street. There was nothing … [Read more...]

Work the Room to CRUSH Your Next Presentation

The big day is here. Not your wedding - the other big day. The one where you have to deliver a presentation to a room full of strangers. Perhaps … [Read more...]