Divorce Party Pricing

3-5 Custom Jokes
$129 per service Fall Special – $99 per service

This package is popular for divorce parties that want to add a little extra biting humor to a night of food, drinks and music. Tell us all about the ex in question, and we’ll write some great jokes for you to deliver!


3–5 Minute, Fully Customized Speech & Presentation Coaching
$299 per speech Fall Special – $249 per roast

This package is our most popular with divorce parties. The classic 3-5 minute roast is a chronology of your relationship to your ex that hits all their ridiculous quirks, habits, sayings and anything else you’d like to tear apart. It can also include jokes about the circumstance of the divorce if you’re so inclined. When the speech is completed, we’ll conduct a one-hour presentation coaching session to help you deliver this speech like a professional!


5-7 Minute Fully Original & Customized Presentation & Coaching
$499 per speech Fall Special – $399 per roast

This package takes a roast of your ex to the next level, and includes pictures, videos and a more in-depth humiliation of them in front of your friends. We’ll help you not only write great content, but combine it with visual cues to really bring the roast to life. Included in this package is a two hour presentation coaching session to ensure you deliver this biting roast perfectly!