Speech Writing and Editing

Have a big speech coming up? Not sure how it sounds to a third party? Need to make it memorable?

Use Winning Wit’s experience in writing and editing to make sure your speech perfectly hits the mark.

“Hi everyone, thanks for coming out. It’s going to be a great event tonight. We’re here to honor Sharon Casey for her great work in the community.”


“Good evening everyone! “Wǎnshàng hǎo” to our friends who are here from China. “Guten Abend” to our German friends. And “Evenin’ ya’ll! How’s your momma?” to our Tennessee contingent. Tonight, we’re here to honor Sharon Casey for her inspirational work in our community. Well, most of us are. Some are just here for the crem brulee. Looking at you in the back!”

Don’t give just another ho-hum speech. Stand out. Make them laugh. Make them remember. Contact us today to find out how.