Wedding Speech Reviews

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“I needed to deliver a best man speech for my best friend and was up against the clock. Winning Wit turned the speech around quickly and helped me crush it with 3 days notice! I received a ton of kudos afterwards and my friend especially loved it. Great service.”
Jerome Felber
Oceanside, NY

“I had an important speech I needed to write for one of my closest friends, as it was his wedding day and I didn’t want to disappoint. I had never been the best man in a wedding before and I had no idea where to start. But with the guidance and support I received from Winning Wit, I was able to put together a speech that drew rousing laughter and applause from the crowd. Thanks again Winning Wit! It’s a shame the marriage wasn’t as good as the speech! If I need another speech of any kind I’ll be contacting you again!”
Scott Briskin
Melville, NY

“The emcee speech at our wedding had the crowd in stitches. People were coming up to us left and right to tell us how much they enjoyed it. Winning Wit was a great addition to our wedding!”
Julie Morici
Baltimore, MD


Roast Reviews

“Winning Wit’s humor rips current events in such a fun and funny way – even those they go after laugh as they cry. I use their stuff all the time!”
Congressman Steve Stockman
(R-Texas 36th District)

“Winning Wit’s roast of our doctors was the hardest I’ve laughed in years!”
Jeannie Shirley
Kaiser Permanente

“Winning Wit helped us deliver a killer roast for our partners. Who knew attorneys had such a good sense of humor?”
Shan Davis, Esq.
Las Vegas, NV

“Winning Wit’s sharp, pointed humor made our event one for the ages. I love the old Dean Martin roasts and it’s great that they’re out there keeping the flame alive!”
Mayor Ben Frederick
Owosso, MI

“Selling cars is a tough business and we needed an event to take the edge off. Winning Wit’s roast service was exactly what my team needed to have a great night of laughs and camaraderie.”
Matt Jensen
Principle, Patriot Auto Sales
Atlanta, GA