Who We Are

Winning Wit was founded by comedian Geoff Woliner in 2011 to help others harness the power of humor in their own lives. Together with a team of award-winning comedians throughout North America, Winning Wit helps others write and deliver great content that has audiences raving.

The “Winning Wit Advantage” is more than a technique or memorized response – it’s a way of life. Incorporating well-timed humor and engaging storytelling into all forms of communication is the best way to deliver a presentation for the ages.

Winning Wit is a unique, cutting edge service that has been featured on WTOP radio, Kentucky Bride Magazine, Brides and Weddings of Northern Virginia and many other publications.

The Winning Wit Team

Geoff Woliner

Geoff Woliner
Founder and CEO

Geoff Woliner, winner of Stand-Up NY’s “Funniest Person From Queens” is a seasoned comedian, emcee, association development professional and pet psychologist. Correction: Aspiring pet psychologist. Seeing how the power of humor has helped deliver knockout presentations in all walks of life, he created Winning Wit in 2011 to help others harness this power for themselves. He’s also a travel writer who’s happy to show you around New York and Montreal from the convenience of your phone!




Jon Selig
Content Advisor

It’s not every day that a 6’4 1/2″ Jew in mid-career decides he no longer wants to milk his MBA’s diminishing worth and plunge into the world of stand-up comedy, but it happens once in a while. Take Jon Selig for example! Since Jon abandoned cubicle life, he’s been featured on the Daily Show, Grantland.com and the Montreal Gazette. He’s also the creator and Chief Conception Officer of Comedy Hostel, a brand which marries travel and comedy. Follow him on Twitter @jonselig.


Johanne Britton
Content Advisor 

Johanne Britton is the Co-founder and President of Mobtreal, a comedy and culture blog. Her love of comedy and writing spawned her blog TuJoHaHa, which became a local legend. Three years later, she’s broadened her scope and is putting Montreal on the map year round for it’s comedy and French Culture with Mobtreal.com. Johanne is rolling out “the mob” throughout North America with bloggers in Calgary, Halifax, Las Vegas, Hamilton, Toronto and New York. She is also a co-host on Re:Radio, a comedy hip-hop podcast on The Mobcast Network. Follow the mob @Mobtreal and Boss Jo @MobtrealComedy.



Bill “D!no” Hillsman
Content Contributor

Bill Hillsman is an improv comedian at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Known in the improv world as D!no, this Renaissance Man is known for outside-the-box musical talents and not losing his tube of chapstick. After being given a few too many female roles in theatre, Bill has found himself essentially ineligible for public office and has instead turned his focus to using humor to improve the lives of others. To contact him, meet him in the parking lot at midnight. Come alone.