Who means everything to you?

Who’s loved you, inspired you, and/or mentored you?

Who’s given you your big break? Who’s taught you life’s most important lessons?

Besides the kid at the McDonalds drive-thru window.

Think about that person. And how many times you’ve thought, “I’d love to let them know how I feel, but I just can’t find the words.”

We’re here to help you do just that.

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that nothing matters more than the people in our lives.

Our parents we haven’t been able to hug since February.

Our friends we haven’t been able to share a cold one with.

Our co-workers we’ve only seen on Zoom.

…while we wonder if they’re actually wearing pants.

These people are the cornerstones of our lives.

And a team of writers (the dog too, he’s incredible), it’s our honor to help you celebrate them by…

  • Writing a book about them. A book that celebrates them as the heroes they, showcases their lives, and gives them the gift of immortality in the cloud and on paperback.
  • Writing a speech that they’ll never forget. A tribute for their birthday, anniversary, retirement, wedding or other milestone that will stand the test of time.
  • Writing a roast that you and your friends/family can deliver, giving them the best night of self-deprecating laughter of their life. Aside from that one college story they always tell.

Let’s make some memories. Let’s deliver a tribute that’ll immortalize them forever.



As the best man, everyone looks forward to your speech – so, no pressure! We’ll make sure you steal the show and deliver a great speech they’ll never forget. Click here to learn more…


It’s the bride’s big day, but time for you to shine just as bright. We’ll write you the perfect toast and help you overcome public speaking anxiety to deliver it like a pro! Learn more here…


Don’t worry Dad, we won’t embarrass your daughter too much! Simply let us know what you’d like to talk about, and we’ll write you a personalized, heartwarming, lighthearted toast that she’ll be raving about for years! Click here to learn more…


Were you asked to deliver an officiant ceremony for the big day, but have no clue where to begin? We’ll write you a service that the couple will never forget! We’re also ordained and also offer in-person officiant services for couples in the D.C. metro area! Click here to learn more…


This is it. The big moment. Just the two of you. And, you know, 200 of your closest friends. So it’s time to make sure your vows are just right. We’ll help you strike the perfect tone of laughter and tears, and cement your relationship forever. Click here to learn more…


Not those kind of roasts!

The award-winning comedians at Winning Wit will write memorable, bring-down-the-house roasts that will have your crowd in stitches. Our content is customized to your party, and we’ll work with you to ensure the comedy is both funny and appropriate.

Our roasts are perfect for all types of corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries and fundraisers. Our services range from joke writing to custom content creation to emceeing your event.


No woodworking skills necessary

Need to energize your team with a fun activity that will have your attendees cracking up? We’ll help everyone in your organization tell their unique stories using stand-up comedy techniques!

Winning Wit founder Geoff Woliner has led hundreds of workshops for associations, volunteer organizations and corporate groups across the United States,and looks forward to working with you next!




Geoff Woliner

In the Spring of 2011, Founder Geoff Woliner was asked to be the best man at a wedding. Needing to deliver a toast, he used every bit of his 13 years of stand-up comedy experience to deliver a rousing speech that had the crowd yelling a combination of, “Encore!”, and, “Get off the stage!”

But watching others struggle with their speeches that day led to an idea – “What if I could help non-comedians be funny too?” And thus, Winning Wit was born. A healthy, 7 lb, 8 oz. bundle of LLC paperwork. Since that time, Geoff and his team of award-winning comedians in New York and Montreal have helped thousands of people across the world nail their speeches, from Father of the Bride toasts to Corporate Presentations to Comedy Roasts and more!




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