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“Having a comedy roast for my husband’s retirement was the most fun we’ve ever had with our family. Winning Wit was amazing to work with!” 


Sue G, Oceanside, CA



So, you or someone you know is retiring, or turning 40, 50, 60, or 70.


Or retiring at 40. If that’s the case, can we have some stock tips?


Whatever the occasion – it’s time to celebrate in style.


Remember the Dean Martin Roasts?


And the more recent Comedy Central Roasts?


Now it’s time for your party to be center-stage.


Get your friends and family together, and we’ll write customized, hilarious, bring-down-the-house jokes that YOU will deliver!


You’ll have a professional night of comedy like you’ve seen on TV. 
Comedy Roast

Comedy Central Roasts

A night you’ll never, ever forget. One of those nights that gets brought up at Thanksgiving 20 years from now.


“Remember when we roasted Bob??”


Yup. You’ll remember.


We’ve written comedy roasts for people from all walks of life, including accountants, ice road truckers, NFL players and eye surgeons, and would love to write for you!


To get started, all you need to do is follow our simple 3-step process:


  1. Fill out our contact form


  2. We’ll get in touch and work with you to identify your honoree and the other roasters, then send them all questionnaires.


  3. When we get the questionnaires back, we’ll get to work and have a first draft to everyone within 48 hours!


We also offer unlimited edits, to make sure every word is perfectly on point. It’ll sound like the best version of you – the you that decided to grab a mic and become a comedian for the night.


And all pricing is customized to fit your party and your budget.


Ready for the funniest night of your life? We’re ready to write a comedy roast you’ll never forget. Let’s rock.


Don’t love contact forms? No problem!

Call us at 571-800-9191 or email us directly at

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Comedy Roast