Father of the Bride

“I wanted to deliver a Father of the Bride speech my daughter would always remember, and these guys were incredible. The speech they wrote was a perfect combo of laughter and sentiment. Very happy I found them.”


Vincent R., Tacoma, WA


Like our friend Vincent, your daughter is also getting married. Congrats, dad!


And after everything we’ve all been through, it’s probably safe to say you appreciate this moment a lot more now than you could have imagined a few years ago. So it’s time to make this memory count. 


As you think about your upcoming Father of the Bride speech, just imagine…


  • Giving a speech with lines from the internet they’ve all heard before, where the jokes may not stick, where the sentiment may not flow, and where everyone’s eagerly waiting for you to wrap things up.


Now imagine…


  • Giving a speech that lights up your daughter’s eyes, has your friends and family laughing and crying, gets a standing ovation, and creates a memory on video your daughter and future generations will always treasure.



Father of the Bride

How would you feel if you created that memory? 


Visualize your daughter smiling, laughing, crying and hanging on your every word with a proud look that says, “That’s MY father!” And your relatives congratulating you on the best speech they’ve ever heard.


It’s our job to make that vision come to life for you.


We’re professional comedy writers who’ve penned Father of the Bride speeches for dads just like you all across North America. And they all lit up the room.



All you need to do to get started is:


1) Contact us in the form below, or give us a call at 571-800-9191 to learn more


2) Fill out the questionnaire we send you, and we’ll have a first draft ready within 48 business hours (as quickly as 24 if needed)


3) Deliver the speech we write for you and light up the room!


Time for you to create a special memory.


One that will connect you and your daughter for the rest of your lives.


Don't love contact forms? No problem!


You can call or email us directly at 571-800-9191 or geoff@winningwit.com


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Father of the Bride Speeches