“We hosted a fundraising roast of local officials, and Winning Wit wrote all our material. It was hilarious and they were amazing to work with! Our event was a huge success.” 


Keith Fenton, Hi-Hope Center


Like our friend Keith, you also have a fundraising event you’re planning for your organization.

So the question is the same as always – how do we plan an event our donors will be excited about?


Now, everyone loves a Great Gatsby black tie event. We certainly do. I mean, have you ever seen comedians try on a tux?


But nothing gets people more excited than a night of side-splitting laughter. Not even a good jitterbug.


Now it’s time for your organization to bring those laughs to the stage. 


Remember the Dean Martin and Comedy Central roasts? We’ll help you replicate that same magic for your event, and create an unforgettable experience for your supporters and their friends.


You’ll have a professional night of comedy like you’ve seen on TV. 
Comedy Roast

Comedy Central Roasts

A night that’ll bring in more money and create more buzz than anything else can.


Because if there’s one thing that loosens up the checkbook…it’s a night of gut-busting laughs.


We’ve written comedy roasts for people from all walks of life, including NFL stars, Generals, Mayors, Heart Surgeons…even ice road truckers! And we’d be honored to create that same magical night for you.


To get started, all you need to do is follow our simple 3-step process:


  1. Fill out our contact form


  2. We’ll get in touch and work with you to identify your honoree and the other roasters, then send them all questionnaires.


  3. When we get the questionnaires back, we’ll get to work and have a first draft to everyone within 48 hours!


We also offer unlimited edits to make sure every word is perfectly on point, and presentation coaching to ensure your roasters knock it out of the park!


And all pricing is customized to fit your party and your budget.


Ready for a night your organization and benefactors will never forget? We are too. Let’s grab that mic and make it happen!


Don’t love contact forms? No problem!

Call us at 571-800-9191 or email us directly at

And you can check out our great reviews here!

Comedy Roast