“Winning Wit helped us with our vows when we had no idea what to write. They took the time to understand our relationship and made the words extremely funny, but also sweet. These guys were amazing!”


Courtney M., Overland Park, KS



Like our friend Courtney, you also have to deliver vows at your wedding.


Congrats! Well, kind of.


Because unless you’re an experienced writer and public speaker, this is a daunting task!


You’re a busy person, and these vows will take days, weeks, even months to write.


Luckily, since we’re comedians and writers, we’re the crazy ones who actually love this stuff.


So we’re happy to take this off your plate. 


Because when you get up there, you need to create an amazing memory for the person you’re marrying. To let them know – yes, you made the right choice asking me!


So you’ve gotta do a great job and give ’em a show.



We’ll do just that for you, and make sure it’s something they’ll never forget.


Life is all about the big moments, and we look forward to helping you create the type of moment people will be raving about for years.


We’ve written vows all across the U.S. and Canada that have lit the room on fire, and now it’s your turn to create that memory.



Are you ready?


All you need to do is follow our simple 3-step process:


1) Contact us in the form below.
2) We send you the questionnaire.
3) You fill out the questionnaire, click “submit”, and we’ll have a first draft ready for you within 24 hours, and offer unlimited edits and tips and tricks for a great delivery.


Sound good?


Great. Let’s make this happen. Time for you to recite vows that your new spouse and guests will remember forever.

Don’t love contact forms? No problem!


You can call us at 571-800-9191 or email us at Geoff@WinningWit.com 


…and in the mean time, you can check out our great testimonials here!


And if you know a Best ManMaid of Honor or Father of the Bride who needs a hand too, we offer group discounts!
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