Comedy Events

It’s time to book entertainment for your next party… 


…so the debate begins. Do we bring in a barber shop quartet? Ballroom dancers? Juggling clowns? An Elvis impersonator? A comedian? An Elvis impersonator who’s also a comedian?


Here’s the bad news: We can’t help you if you want dancers. We have two left feet.


But here’s the good news: We can absolutely help you if you want comedy.


Now, most event comedy involves a comedian coming in and telling jokes to your crowd, but we have a different approach…




That’s right – we turn you into comedians for your event!


Because no one knows your company and industry better than you do, so who better to joke about it than the people who live it every day?


Whether it’s a gala dinner at your conference, a fundraiser, retirement, team-building activity, retreat or holiday party, we’ll help you deliver your own night of professional comedy!


Our process is simple:


  1. Contact us for a free consultation
  2. We send you a detailed questionnaire about your company & industry
  3. We’ll write laugh-out-loud content
  4. Your team delivers it and brings down the house!


We also offer presentation coaching to turn your accountants, salespeople, admins and V.P.’s into professional comedians for the night!


Don’t worry – the content will be 100% appropriate and tasteful, and no one will get fired. We promise 🙂


We’ve written for people & companies from all walks of life, including…




“This was the hardest I’ve laughed in YEARS! We wanted to honor our retiring doctors with a great night of comedy, and Winning Wit’s team wrote amazing material for us to deliver. I never knew physicians could be so funny!”                                                                                               


Jeannie Shirley, Kaiser Permanente           



As comedians, it’s our job to be funny.


As writers, it’s our job to make your team funny.


Contact us today and be the person who gave your organization an event they’ll remember forever!

Don’t love contact forms? No problem!


Call us directly at 571-800-9191 or email us at


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Event Comedy That Makes YOU The Stars!